Company Profile


1983 Our founder and chairman Mr. Chen Sen-Tsun starts permanent makeup business.

1990 Establish Sun-Ya-Wing Ltd., specialized in manufacturing permanent makeup machines.

1992 Attend the exhibition in America, promoting the brand of BELLA.

1995 Attend the exhibition in Frankfurt, Germany. Develop business in Europe.

1998 Apply for patents of permanent makeup machines and needle system. Manufacture accessories.

2001 Establish Bella Co. Ltd.

2003 BELLA get 50% of market share in permanent makeup worldwide, become the leading manufacturer in PMU industry.

2004 Work with Korean company for eyelash extension products, to develop eyelash extension market in Taiwan.

2007 Establish Biomooi Ltd., specialized in eyelash extension products in Taiwan. Also offer education and training.

2009 Establish Association of Pigmentation and Eyelash Extension (PEA). Regulate the techniques and specification.

2010 Biomooi became the leading brand of eyelash extension products and beauty academy in Taiwan.

2012 Establish BELLA CHINA to develop beauty industry in China.

2013 Establish a branch and beauty academy in Shenzhen, China.

2014 Create brand BeLash and the first eyelash extension center in China.

2014 Attend Canton Beauty Expo. Start franchise business to Chinese clients.