Exclusive Healing Oil BHAC-0003

Exclusive Healing Oil


  • Natural herbal extract essence, free of chemical ingredients. Gentle and eco-friendly
  • Isolate external irritation, quickly reduce the pain
  • Protect skin, soothe discomfort
  • Prevent the chap of skin, a boost of deep-down hydration.


  • Exclusive Healing Oil provides the best aftercare of the PMU procedure.
  • Its ingredients comprised a variety of extract essence: Sea Buckthorn, Lavender, Rose Hip,Chamomile, Shea Butter. Provide excellent moisture,instant protection for effective soothing and regenerating of skin.
  • Exquisite aluminum packaging makes it easy to carry and use.


  • Apply on skin and lip to bring back a gorgeous luster.
  • Instantly form an external protection layer for small wound, scratch or cut. Help the body to operate normally and heal the wound.
  • Highly effective after the PMU procedure, helping to fasten the heeling processes, so as to minimize scab and color fade.
  • Reduce dryness and peeling of skin. Can also use for daily moisturizing after recovery

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