Manual Pen Se BEAA-0001/BEAB-0001

Manual Pen Set


  • Made of medical grade stainless steel.
  • It provides comfort and high efficiency during procedure.
  • 2 Needle Tubes (Flat/Cross) Available

Manual Needles use with BEAB Flat Needle Tube

  • BEAG-0001 12 Single Line Manual Needle
  • BEAH-0001 24 Single Line Manual Needle
  • BEAI-0001 12 Double Line Manual Needle
  • BEAJ-0001 24 Double Line Manual Needle

Manual Needles use with BEAA Cross Needle Tube

  • BEBJ-0002 15 Single Line Curved Needle
  • BEBN-0001 14 Single Line Curved Needle
  • BEBO-0001 14 Single Line Slope Needle
  • BEBK-0002 11 Single Line Curved Needle