Mini Eyelash Perm Kit DZAB-0001

Mini Eyelash Perm Kit


  • An innovative way to keep lashes curled, and offers a younger looking.
  • Developed by professional pharmacologists, mild, safe and reliable.
  • Effects are excellent and long lasting.

Kit Content

  • DYCA-0001 #1 Perm lotion x 1 jar
  • DYCB-0001 #2 Setting lotion x 1 jar
  • DYCC-0001 #3 Nourishing agent x 1 jar
  • DYCE-0001 #4 Cleanser X 1 jar
  • DYAB-0001 Small eyelash rod x 16pcs (8pairs)
  • DYAC-0001 Medium eyelash rod x 16pcs (8pairs)
  • DYAD-0001 Large eyelash rod x 16pcs (8pairs)
  • DXAA-0006 Eyelash white glue x 1pc (10ml/pc)
  • Application: 10~12 times